Interior Design Project Management

Introducing yourself as a qualified Interior Designer may sound glamorous, but trust us, being one isn’t all fun and games. There’s a lot of responsibilities that an interior designer has when a project comes around, especially when it involves interior design project management.

Project management plays a vital role in interior design as it covers the nitty-gritty of the project from planning to execution. Furthermore, this process requires constant communication between clients and consultants and collaboratively working with different teams handling different resources. In other words, within interior design project management , we literally see everything from the kick-off to the completion of the project.

“Attention to detail is EVERYTHING.”

To avoid any mishaps from happening, we at Space Simplified by 23 overlook the entire project down to the smallest and finest details.

To ensure that our execution of a project stays within the agreed timeline with client, these are the things we do to make sure everything stays on course.

  • Working closely with the appropriate authorities and building management regarding the submission of documents for project approval and commencement.
  • Organising overall project coordination and planning targets with emphasis on timing, budgeting and performance after meeting with clients.
  • Engaging carpenters, electricians, plumbers, joiners etc. and gathering estimates for works to be done.
  • Making the right decisions to assign tasks and works to the right resources to ensure that the project is to be completed on time and budget, and with high quality results.
  • Keeping track and monitoring work schedule; having the right team on site accordingly helps reduce stress and down time, and also improve efficiency.
  • Being on site regularly to oversee the execution of the project and making sure each resource team are doing what was in the plan.
  • Ensuring ourselves to be constantly prepared for unforeseen circumstances since there’s always a chance that something unexpected will happen.

Yes, it looks very hefty and thorough, but trust us when we say there’s no other feeling like it when we implement a plan to create something meaningful and beautiful. To learn more about managing an interior design project or exploring more about the interior designing world, join our team today at Space Simplified by 23. Contact us today if you’re interested to bring your idea of your workspace come to life.

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