2018 Office Design Inspirations

Airbnb’s new headquarters in Dublin warehouse
Image credit: Donal Murphy

Ten years ago, if someone says ‘office design in Malaysia’ to you, you would immediately associate this term with traditional walled partitions, isolated cubicles, massive-sized offices for those with higher-up positions and the mundane black and white long meeting rooms.

Now let’s fast forward to the present; the workplace today is completely unrecognisable compared to an office 10 years ago. Isolated cubicles are long gone and open-office workplace is laid out as the idea of a workplace represented as a space is thrown out of the window and the workplace is currently viewed as an emotional tool in encouraging and motivating employees to feel welcomed and accepted. Thus, companies are now investing more in office design in Malaysia to create a workplace where staff love working.

As the line between work, home and social life becomes increasingly blurred, companies begin to view how vital office design is in a workplace, especially when employees’ productivity is affected. So, at Space Simplified by 23, we love to provide clients better design ideas and solutions to our clients seeking to improve or revamp their office workspace that will enhance their work productivity and also, provide their employees a holistic work experience.

The importance of office design

So why is office interior design so important?

  • Second home
    Employees spend most of their days in the office, so eventually, the office becomes their second home. Thus, it is imperative to build a work environment that resembles a home; comfortable, homey and inviting.
  • Reflection
    It’s important to customers because office design conveys the type of business it is. It reflects your brand, professionalism and success.
  • Productivity
    A well-designed office can create a positive environment to increase productivity, motivation and efficiency of employees.

At Space Simplified by 23, we help our clients build beautiful and innovative office spaces and provide interior design for corporate offices seeking to foster creativity and increase overall employee satisfaction.

Office designs/trends

Here are some office designs that inspires us in Space Simplified by 23 when conceptualising our clients’ potential interior design for corporate offices.

1. Industrial structural lifestyle

This space radiates industrial high-tech structural elements whereby engineering, science and technology meets together and help build an advanced working space for their employees. In this building, a variety of workspaces such as offices, private studios and lofts along with shared spaces. To balance out between the need for privacy and the benefits of collaboration, secluded spaces for individual work are integrated with communal work areas over two floors in the building. In terms of visual aesthetics, this workspace was deliberately kept black and white as it provides attention to subtle pops of bright and vibrant colours, thus not overwhelming the entire space.


Image credit: Spencer Lowell

Image credit: Spencer Lowell

2. Modernism meets tradition

This space began with an idea of injecting sculptural modernism in a traditional London building. Making use of existing elements in this building, the workspace is built around them. For instance, the high ceilings allows the installation of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling rather than built into the ceiling, thus giving a rustic yet present-day aura to both customers and staff. The use of earthy colour tones also helps enhance the concept of ‘modernism meets tradition’ in this particular workspace. This design team also used reclaimed ‘found’ objects and gave them a new life in the office. For instance, a scaffolding library has telephone booths concealed inside, and reclaimed doors are digitally water-jet cut. With the assistance of digital applications such as scripting and 3D computer programs, recycled bottles are used and moulded into chandelier lighting.

Analog Folk fit-out and interiors by Design Haus Liberty, London

Image credit: Quintin Lake

Analog Folk fit-out and interiors by Design Haus Liberty, London

Image credit: Quintin Lake

3. Dark Minimalism

Minimalism does not necessarily be showcased in light neutral colours, this workspace proves that minimalism comes in different colours of the spectrum. Introducing a series of similar subtle dark tones, these dark colours allow both clients and staff to view this space as a modern yet functional workplace. Due to the open-planning layout of the space, the reception zone is separated from the working area with a floor-to ceiling shelves to avoid a sense of suffocation whilst giving the illusion of abundant space in the office. Bright accents like coral and orange furniture pieces and prints are added to give some breathing space for these dark minimalistic colours to avoid the workspace being viewed as mundane.

Image credit: Andrii Shurpenkov

Image credit: Andrii Shurpenkov

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